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"The Gospel According to Spiritism details and explains a universal moral code of conduct, based upon the essence of the Teachings of Jesus. It is a book to be read by adepts from all religions and by those who profess no specific religion. Confrinted by this Divine code even the incredulous bow down. For Mankind it a rule of conduct that covers all the circumstances of life, the basic principals of social relationaship based on the most rigorous justice and offers a safe route to follow in order to find happiness. Throughout this work, that is full of consolations and promises of hope, there shines the light of an indescridable love: the love of God for all his creatures. It is therefore, a book based on ethics, peace and fraternity directed towards everyone who wishes to understand the message of Jesus in a profound and ample way. "

Titel: Gospel According to Spiritism
Author: Allan Kardec
Language: English
Sides: 522
Format: 14x21 (cm)
Translated by: JANET DUNCAN


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